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The Blizzard of '78
Downtown Albion, 1910
20. Blizzard of 78, Albion 38. Downtown Albion, 1910
Forks of the Kalamazoo River, Albion Michigan
Gardner House Museum, Albion
184. Forks of the Kalamazoo River, Albion Michigan newGiclée print 110. Gardner House Museum, Albion newGiclée print
Aerial View of Albion, 1993
Winter Morning, Albion
198. Aerial View of Albion, 1993 165. Winter Morning, Albion
Albion Train Depot
Washington Gardner School, Albion
55. Albion Train Depot 181. Washington Gardner School, Albion
Haven Hills Farm, Albion Michigan
Arch Rock, Mackinac Island, Mihgian
199. Haven Hills Farm,
Albion Michigan
185. Albion Public Library

Albion Michigan was platted as a village in 1835, the same year that Albion College first held classes near this location. Over the years, Albion was primarily a foundry town, but with changes to the automotive industry, has become known more as a city with educational interests. There are several educational programs in Albion including Albion Public Schools, that now serve grades k-8. Albion has several historical markers and is known for its interesting history and rich ethnic heritage.


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Wesley Hall Albion College Michigan

Vibrant color Giclée prints by Maggie LaNoue are archive quality with fade resistant ink and acid free paper.

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Albion Michigan
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