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A Cloud of Dust
Skiers with Dog
127. A Cloud of Dust 134. Skiers with Dog
Ski Lift
Wiping Out
137. Ski Lift 138. Wiping Out
Winter Fun

The print at left is actually a scene from Jackson Michigan, "Sledding by the Cascades." If you would like your print titled with the Jackson title, just let us know!

 139. Winter Fun  

Michigan wouldn't be Michigan without our Winter snow and sports! We love our four seasons and they are all beautiful and fun. Maggie loves to draw winter scenes and can even winterize your summer views for custom art for your holiday cards.

From Pure Michigan: Skiing in Michigan offers excitement at any level of skill. With more than 40 downhill ski resorts and properties,the silvery slopes of Michigan have been named the Midwest's Top Ski destination by SKI magazine. So let's head up the lift and get a little closer to the bright blue sky where the beauty is Pure Michigan.

Learn more about ski conditions in Michigan at the Michigan Snowsports Industries Association web site!

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