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Train Depot Winter, Albion, Michigan
#198.1985N - Aerial View Looking North, 1985, Albion, Michigan

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Aerial View 1985, Looking South, Albion Michigan
Legend of the 1985 Aerial View of
Albion, Michigan

The red clay bricks of Superior Street, one of the few intact brick trunklines in the state, were originally laid in 1903. Prior to 1903 Superior Street was dirt. There were additional reconstructions in replaced a brick street laid in 1940, 1993 and 2017 and 2018.

Community attachment to the brick paving was critical in this conservation effort, as initial plans called for replacement with more contemporary paving materials. The 1940 project, which was still viable in 1985 when this art was created, involved running a concrete substrate that was covered by new bricks laid in regular patterns. White bricks were used to mark the center lines, cross walks, and parking spaces Ė a unique innovation.

This English Watercolor from the same basic angle was created by Maggie LaNoue in 1985.† The Kalamazoo River can be seen winding through Albion, and the legs of the water tower are visible in the upper right.† Several of the buildings have changed since the time this drawing was done. The 200 block of S. Superior Street was full of buildings, including the A.I.M. building on the left, the old hotel building at the corner (the blue building that was at one time a four story hotel), The Albion Recorder building in the back of that block (it is a yellow tan color building), and the old Subway building that was damaged by a storm in 2014.†

This block was designated a brownfield, which helped to secure funding for the new hotel that will be built in this block. The old Albion Grain Elevator can be seen in the middle right of this painting, and the Farmerís Market is on the far lower right.† The Coca-Cola mural is just above the river in the middle.

Learn more about Albionís history including the Purple Gang, Superior Street, parks, art, and trails at AlbionMich.net.

Learn more about the history of this view and legend on this link:

#198.1985N - Aerial View Looking North, 1985, Albion, Michigan

Vibrant color Giclée prints by Maggie LaNoue are archive quality with fade resistant ink and acid free paper. They are fade-resistant prints lasting up to 100 years under glass.

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