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Cities in small towns across the United States were changed forever by the popularity of the automobile, but especially in Michigan. While the first cars were not built strong enough to withstand the twisted and rutted dirt roads, they broke quite often.

Cars often rolled over, and drivers did not know how to steer or stop. The first arrival of cars to a small town would be accompanied by roaring, popping, and chugging noises. The cars smelled awful and ran “without horses” to the amazement of local citizens.

The early cars had wooden spokes for wheels. With the arrival of the affordable Model T, cars became more and more popular. A small city would have a garage on its main street, along with another amenities like the grocery store and laundromat. B

y the late 1920’s automobiles were more popular than indoor bathrooms. The automobile made possible the phenomena of the suburbs, so that workers could easily get to the city for their jobs, and live where there was more space for the family.

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Interurban Art by Maggie LaNoue
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