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Maggie Benjamin LaNoue always saw herself as an artist. She left her home near DC to study art at Albion College, a family tradition. Sharing her work over the miles and years was her early vision.  Her first professionally published drawing was in 1979.  The 5,000-notecard print run of “Blizzard of ’78” sold out in two months.  People connected to their memories the scene. 

They loved her style of detail, with tonal values.  She began a series of India-ink drawings of Michigan. By 1981, Maggie was full time in her art business.   In her studio, Maggie catalogued large negatives of her copyrighted art.  She brokered printing to create custom cards and prints.

An eager learner, Maggie created her first website in 1995, that showcased both her community and art.  Browse MichiganPrints.com to see the collection of giclée prits and cards, each with a legend.  Maggie’s goal is to archive and share more of her creations.


#20. The Blizzard, Albion, Michigan

Blizzard of 1978 Line Art by Maggie LaNoue
The legend of
The Blizzard of '78

The “Great Blizzard of ‘78” was a storm that Albionites will never forget, one that will be a legend through the 21st century. Approximately 28” of snow fell in Albion.

National Weather Service accurately predicted the storm, saving many lives. It described it as a “storm of unprecedented magnitude” and categorized it as a rare severe blizzard, the most severe grade of winter storm.

A black and white version of this scene was the first greeting card published by Maggie LaNoue and was sold through “the Storyteller” bookstore in downtown Albion.




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