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Clocktower Downtown Jackson Michigan
Downtown, Jackson Michigan (the Clock Tower)

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The Giclée print does not have a signature or a title in the art itself,
but is signed in archive quality silver ink by the artist.

Every Giclée print by Maggie LaNoue comes with a legend of the subject of the art, the artist and the conservation materials and assembly that go into each product. All prints and cards are acid free.

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Clocktower Jackson

Legend of Jackson Michigan downtown: This view of downtown Jackson shows Michigan Avenue on a blustery Sunday morning when there was little traffic downtown. Several tall buildings are visible in this scene, including City Hall on the right, and the Jackson County Building on the left. In the foreground is the Millenium Clock Tower, that was dedicated on Dec. 31, 1999. The clock tower contains a time capsule, scheduled to be opened in the year 3000. Jackson Michigan was founded in 1929, and was named after Democratic President Andrew Jackson, but is also known as being the birthplace of the Republican Party. Jackson is the county seat of Jackson County Michigan. For more information, visit the Jackson Home Page: www.jacksonmich.com

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Vibrant color Giclée prints by Maggie LaNoue are archive quality with fade resistant ink and acid free paper.

They are fade-resistant prints lasting up to 200 years under glass.

Learn more about Giclée prints from Wikipedia, including the proper pronounciation!

Michigan Prints are now acid-free!
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Our most popular print is the medium print. The print itself is 8 1/2" x 11" and hand-signed by the artist in archive-quality "silver" ink. The print is museum-quality 100% cotton rag matted to 11" x14" with all conservation materials. On the back is the legend, with information about the scene and its history. We also include mini photos of related scenes, about Giclée prints and about the artist. Each print comes in a clear acid-free baggie. Medium prints are $60.

We also offer a mini print which is 3 1/2" x 5" and matted with acid-free materials to 5" x 7". The print is hand initialled by the artist in archive quality "silver" ink. There is a legend on the back of each print that is removable and can be added to the back of your frame later if desired. Price is $20.

Our large print is approximately 11" x 14 1/2" and acid-free mounted and 100% cotton rag museum-matted to 16" x 20" and ready to frame. This is a limited edition print. This print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist. It has the same legend and art information as the medium size print.
Large prints are $120.

Acid-Free Note Cards 5" x 7" are also available.

For orders up to $40 - $5
From $40 - $100 - $12
For orders $100 and up - $19


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